Experience the Networked Economy

8 - 9 June 2022

Bangkok, Samyan Mitrtown Hall

Get ready for the 5G revolution!

5G is a game changer. For the first time in the history of wireless communications, IT infrastructure companies and network operators will deploy a mobile technology made primarily for machines and sensors talking to each other in realtime. 5G and its successors go beyond just faster internet aka BYOND MOBILE. Using myriads of sensors to build the Internet of Things as well as AI to learn from algorithms at the highest speed creates new services for every industry.

5G is supercharging the Networked Economy

Unlocking the potential of the IoT era.

BYOND MOBILE will bring together business leaders from various industry verticals with strategy experts from the Internet, Mobile Communications and IT sectors. The dedicated 5G exhibition will feature leading blue-chip companies as well as promising start-ups drawn from the whole technology stack. Focused areas include those from mobile network and cloud solutions, cyber-security and robotics, as well as the latest in AR/VR, machine learning and AI.
Byond Mobile is a global bridge to Southeast Asia. With International experts serving the 11-country nation group, industries can connect with suppliers across the world. Join us next March to learn everything about the wireless network of the future!


Demonstrate or experience, how the networked economy gets supercharged by 5G!

Life Sciences & Digital Health

With the convergence of technologies like 5G, IoT sensors and AI, the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors are on the verge of another tech revolution, which will transform how you understand people’s health, how you deliver treatment, and how you expand access to care and experts.

Agriculture & Biotech

In light of smart sensors, modern biologicals, robotics, and big data, the agriculture and biotech sector is undergoing rapid transformation. Many large incumbents have recognized the need to adopt the 5G wave, meaning next-gen farming and biotech. 

Manufacturing & Robotics

A 5G-enabled smart factory offers the potential to connect just about anything. In these futuristic factories, connected devices and smart robots can sense their environments and interoperate with each other, making decentralized decisions.

Future Mobility

In the next decade, autonomous vehicles making their own decisions and adjusting to conditions around them, will conquer our streets. At the heart of making this possible will be 5G. The next-gen mobile network will be a key enabler of more reliable communication for vehicles, which will play a critical role in managing the safety challenges that come with vehicle automation and autonomy



Expo & Conference

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Meet the 5G Ecosystem

BYOND MOBILE will be the meeting place for the 5G ecosystem, where industries can connect with established suppliers and disrupting start-ups across the world. It will provide insight and strategies for business leaders seeking to explore and evaluate the latest technology solutions and services that drive necessary innovation.

Who is it for?

Business Leaders:
C-Suite and Head of Department across various industry verticals

IT Manager, Network Manager
Solutions Architect
Enterprise Architect
Business Analyst
Information Security Manager

Data Scientist
DevOps Lead
Software Developer
Network Engineer
ICT Architect
Cyber Security Consultant

Exhibitor's Expertise

Infrastructure Component Provider

  • 5G Infrastructure Vendors
  • 5G Mobile Chipset Provider
  • IoT Sensor Network Provider
  • Distributed Antenna & Small Cell Network

Cloud, Data & IT Services Provider

  • Cloud Solutions & Data Center Provider
  • Content Delivery Network Provider
  • 5G & IoT Deployment Provider
  • AI, Data & Machine Learning Solutions

Network Operations Provider

  • Mobile Carrier, ISP & MVNO
  • Mobile Broadband Provider
  • IoT Solutions Provider
  • M2M Network Provider

Cybersecurity Provider

  • Threat Detection Provider
  • Threat Intelligence Platform
  • Vulnerability Management Provider
  • Network Access Control Provider

Device Manufacturer

  • Smart & IoT Devices
  • AR/VR/Mixed Reality Solutions
  • Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing
  • Robotics & Intelligent Systems

5G/IoT-Product, -Service & -Application Provider

  • Life Sciences & Digital Health
  • Agriculture & Biotech
  • Future Mobility
  • Manufacturing & Robotics

Activities & Updates

Featured Videos


5G Revolution in Digital Health

5G telecommunications empower the effect of connectivity by shaping the provision of digital healthcare services. Our industry professionals shared their knowledge about how 5G related innovations improve the healthcare sector in the following fields: Digital Health Innovation for Aging Society, Technology 5G for Telemedicine, and 5G network and real-time data for precision medicine and healthcare. The second half of the webinar was reserved for the panel discussion ‘5G Revolution in Digital Health’ including Q&A.

5G in Manufacturing | The Automation Booster

5G networks power and build the Smart Factories. It offers manufacturers and operators many advantages from adopting technologies such automation, AI, and IoT. Discover more about smart manufacturing with 5G Wireless Connectivity and Industry 4.0 in our upcoming BYOND MOBILE Webinar #2: “5G in Manufacturing | The Automation Booster”.

5G in Smart City

Communities can improve energy distribution, streamline trash collection, decrease traffic congestion, and improve air quality with help from the IoT. Citizens engage with smart city ecosystems in various ways using smartphones and mobile devices and connected cars and homes. City-wide security monitoring will be more efficient. Get the latest insights in 5G powered smart city in our next BYOND MOBILE #3: 5G in Smart City

5G & Future Mobility

The roll-out of 5G continues to impact our lives and its impact will only continue to grow. Particularly the automotive and transportation verticals are undergoing a profound transformation as the 5G technology facilitate secure and fast data communications. The next generation of autonomous vehicle solutions makes transportation safer, greener, and smarter. If you are interested in getting the latest insights in 5G powered mobility technologies which are optimizing infrastructure, travel, public services, and utilities join our next BYOND MOBILE webinar on January 27 th , 16:00 IST Bangkok time.


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Demonstrate or experience, how the networked economy gets supercharged by 5G!

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